Jobs for women

To help attract women to your institute, you might like to encourage your Vice Chancellor or Director to consider funding positions or fellowships for women. Such positions can help address to gender imbalance in astronomy (specifically in faculty and senior positions) and help promote women’s research profiles and increase their chance for promotion.  Here are some examples:

  • University of Sydney’s Thompson Fellowship:
    A fellowship given to women academics to help them advance in research to better their promotion prospects is just one of the many initiatives behind the University of Sydney once again being recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women in 2010. First awarded in 2009, the Thompson Fellowship is an equity-driven initiative sponsored by the University. It provides up to $60,000 annually for four fellows, awarding $25,000 for teaching relief and $5,000 for research support.

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  • Monash University’s Margaret Clayton Women in Research Postdoctoral Fellowship
    A Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Fellowship for women, designed to attract female early career researchers with outstanding potential to undertake research in areas of identified faculty research strength or emerging research potential. Up to three years of funding.
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