The Pleiades Awards

Please see our new webpages for all the latest updates on the 2016 Pleiades Awards.

Recognising Commitment to Advancing Women in Astronomy


The Pleiades Awards* recognise organisations in Australian astronomy that take active steps to advance the careers of women through focused programs and strive for sustained improvement in providing opportunities for women to achieve positions of seniority, influence and recognition.Pleiades_large

The Pleiades Awards are bestowed by the ASA Chapter for Women in Astronomy to organisations that demonstrate a strong commitment to the aims of the Chapter as stated below:

The primary goal of the Chapter is to monitor the status of women in astronomy in Australia, and to suggest actions and or practices to improve the work environment for all Australian astronomers, female or male. The Chapter also aims to ensure that there is appropriate representation of women in various roles within the Australian astronomical community, and to provide networking opportunities at annual workshops and meetings.

Awards are valid from the 1st of January, for two calendar years.

Who can apply for a Pleiades Award?

Levels of Award

Duration of Pleiades Awards

The Application Process, Judging Panel and Results

Current Pleiades Organisations

* This scheme was inspired by the UK’s Athena SWAN program

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